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Local Mums recommend the best nail wrap consultants in our area

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"I highly recommend Jamberry wraps to all Local Mums. I have a son who am I always running around after. After trialing these wraps I loved the fact I could play with my son or clean after him straight away. There are so many designs that represents me.”
Sarah Keane, Local Mum

"I recommend Jamberry wraps to Local Mums. Since using the Jamberry wraps my nails are even healthier as I used to do a lot of gels and acrylics. This has really helped my nails to grow stronger. There are so many designs and I'm just glad I don't have to wait ages after applying them. I can get back to doing mum stuff.”
Louella Ahkong, Local Mum 

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Fresh. Daring. Now.

Are you a mum who is looking after a child, has 101 things to do and wants to be stylish at the same time? Jamberry wraps provides an individual fashion of nail art wraps to suit your signature style.

Forget the expensive salon price or nail varnish drying time.  These are cost effective and no need to twiddle your fingers whilst waiting for polish to dry. You can get on with your to do list straight away after applying fun, dirty, elegant, understated, bright and beautiful wraps.

Jamberry nail wraps: 

• Highest salon-quality product available. 

• Use no harsh chemicals that damage a healthy nail or chip and fade. 

• Over 300 designs 

• Each sheet provides enough material to cover two manicures and two pedicures 

• Can be used now or later, as the product does not dry out or fade in color over time.

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