How to reduce Acid Reflux symptoms

Osteopath and Herbalist David Melrose from the Aston Clinic explains how best to deal with the common ailment of Acid Reflux.


We all regard Acid Reflux as a disease of the stomach and oesophagus. It’s actually acid passing from stomach and being forced up into the oesophagus. The cell membrane here has no protection against the acid, so the lining gets attacked and becomes inflamed.

The above happens in hiatus hernia and also in loss of cardiac sphincter integrity. When we think of it in a pure mechanical way, if we can strengthen the diaphragm and at the same time push the stomach down into the abdomen from the thorax then many of the reflux symptoms are alleviated.

This is achieved with visceral osteopathy, whilst at the same time toning up the diaphragm. I  recommend to my patients, blowing up a balloon each day to strengthen the diaphragm.  I also recommend some breath holding exercises to do at home.

The second part of Acid Reflux treatment is taking herbs with a demulcent (soothing) action to heal the area and soothe symptoms.

I also recommend the following astringents and anti-acid herbs to my patients;

Ulmus powder or otherwise know Slippery Elm – this is taken on its own mixing it with water each morning, this helps reduce inflammation in the stomach and oesophagus and allows the body to produce more mucus which enables protection, its also very good for sore throats.

The other herbs need to be mixed and you need a herbalist to do this as only a herbalist will know the amount you need to take of each herb:

Symphytum officinale  Another demulcent, heals inflamed areas and ulcers. Tones the bronchial and allays irritability of the mucus.

Gentiana lutea Gastrointestinal Tonic, tones the mucus membranes and is a tonic.

Fillipendula ulmaria demulcent ant-acid has antibacterial properties, treats colitis, gastritis, diarrhoea.

Glycyrrhiza glabra  - Treats inflamed tissue and relieves discomfort and pain, its also a muscle relaxant.

If you suffer with acid reflux or a Hiatus Hernia, please contact us a the Aston Clinic to find out more.

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