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When it comes to getting motivated, a personal trainer is the tried and tested way to get fit and lose weight. Local Mums give their recommendations for the best local trainers in our area.


"I highly recommend PRIDE Personal Training to all Local Mums. Having lost weight through going to the gym and swimming, I was getting bored and losing motivation and only using the equipment in the gym that I liked using, rather than what I needed to use. Then I heard about Martyn Parry and his Personal Training company and thought I'd give that a go. Martyn put me at ease from the outset and really listened and understood what I wanted to achieve. Although I sometimes hate the thought of a work out, Martyn always inspires me to push myself that extra mile, while making it fun and enjoyable. I would thoroughly recommend Martyn Parry to anyone!"
Anna Ashbee

"I recommend PRIDE Personal Training to Local Mums; it is fantastic and great motivation. I am two months into a six month program and am really impressed. The classes have been varied and I am constantly being pushed. I feel fitter and stronger already. Martyn is great, friendly and knowledgeable. I would highly recommend PRIDE Personal Training."
D Josham


PRIDE Personal Training 
PRIDE Personal Training is a trusted personal training company specialising in weight loss and fitness training. We pride ourselves in not only being effective but also fun! We want to help people feel good about the way they look and live a healthy happy life.

This comprehensive program is designed to help you achieve your optimum state and health and fitness targets once and for all. The all-encompassing program helps you define your goals and create a suitable plan of action to get there. We cover all six components required for success:

1.   - Nutrition

2.   - Supplementation

3.   - Resistance training

4.   - Cardiovascular exercise

5.   - Flexibility

6.   - Coaching

We also manage to combine both the intensity needed for results AND the enjoyment needed for longevity. Accountability and regular assessments ensure you don’t fall off track, and are seeing the progression you WILL make!

Please contact us for your FREE consultation NOW!

Martyn Parry
Advanced Personal Trainer

PRIDE Personal Training
Tel: 07531 259662
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