Ultimate Free From 'Cheesecake'

Our cookery editor Local Mum Renee shares her recipe for her delicious free from 'cheesecake'

My family are currently following a heavily restricted diet, which is fine when it’s just us but it means getting innovative when we’re entertaining. This free from ‘cheesecake’ is a super impressive desert, and although it sounds like it should be really time consuming, it’s not. As long as you have a decent blender or food processor that can grind up nuts you'll be able to make it effortlessly. Using brain boosting cashew nuts and healthy fat containing coconut oil for the filling, it’s pretty good for you too which is always a bonus. 

This recipe is free from: gluten, grains, dairy and refined sugar


(crust) 200g macadamia nuts

50g dates

15g desiccated coconut

(filling) 220g cashew nuts

120ml lemon juice

120ml coconut oil

2-4 tbsp honey

tsp lemon oil

(topping) 250g blueberries


- I have used a traditional flan dish, which I'd really recommend as it makes the perfectly sized end result which you can cut quite thin as it's really rich

- to make the crust put the macadamias and dates into your blender or food processor and whiz on high until it comes together to form a sticky dough (as pictured below)

- scatter the desiccated coconut onto the bottom of the dish which helps the crust to not stick to the bottom, then press the dough firmly down to make a crust

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