Local Food

Local Mums Online is keen to promote local food and support local food producers. Here are some great ways to find local food in our area


Local food is healthier for our families and our children. Food bought locally has not been flown half way around the world, so is also better for our environment. It's often no more expensive and there's no denying it tastes so much better!

Let's shop locally and support our local economy, our local farmers and food producers. Keep your pounds in your community. Keep it local!

We are delighted to have formed a partnership with Big Barn who have an amazing service connecting you with the supplier in your local area, whether it's a farm shop or a farmer with produce to sell.   Lots of the sellers are online too so it doesn’t even mean you have to give up your weekly shop arriving in time for the weekend!

Check out Big Barn here and find great local food produced near you


Another great place to find out all about local food is Local Food Surrey where you can source local food and drink specific to the Surrey area.


Check out Local Food Surrey here and find local food and drink in Surrey

Yours Locally


For a fabulous one-stop-shop delivery service run by a Local Mum check out Yours Locally. Local Mum Cherie Williams sources local food from within 40 miles and delivers it to your door. Just swap your Sainsbury's or Waitrose delivery for Yours Locally for fresh, healthy, local food!

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