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"I highly recommend
Fritha's Summer, the People's Book Prize finalist by Susan Morris. This is a gripping read for the young and not-so-young. I bought this for my friend's daughter but couldn't put it down after reading the first page. The story is a classic old-fashioned adventure with all the excitement and drama you would expect. However the book also deals with family break up and dysfunctional relationships. The author paints a beautiful palette of the Cornish countryside, so familiar to anyone who has holidayed there. But this is no sickly-sweet tale of sandcastles and ice-creams. A great book for 8 - 11 year-olds. Pure escapism for older readers!"
Kathy McGuinness, Local Mum of four


Fritha's Summer by Susan Morris

Eleven-year-old Fritha tells this story of how she and her two brothers are taken away from their suburban home by their scatty mother Min. They end up living in an apparently deserted caravan in Cornwall, with no electricity or water. The children meet a boy from a far distant country who is involved in a dangerous intrigue.

For Fritha and her family this is a time of secrets and discoveries which will test their loyalty to each other; by the end of the summer their lives will not be the same again. 

Extract from the book:
The low branches of trees nearly met overhead; it was beginning to get dark. Min drove slowly because the lane twisted and turned and then the engine started making the same choking noises as before.

We stopped in the end just where the verge widened and there was room to push the car onto the grass. It was easier this time, without traffic rushing past.

“So,” Min said, when we’d finished shoving, “that’s it then!”

“We’re not staying here?” Ric said in horror, staring round at the low gnarled trees, and at the gorse and the brambles trailing over the hedge on the far side of the lane.

“Yes,” said Min, she sounded tired. “We are. For now we’re staying right here.”

A recent review:
I really enjoyed this book, and that the storyline was gripping. Every night in bed I would look forward to reading it. My favourite character was the smallest, Tol, because whenever I read a bit about him he made me laugh! My favourite scene was when they were trapped underground. It starts with excitement for the main characters, which is always good in books. The names were pretty unusual, but this is an important thing. When I am reading books I find I come across names I have heard before, and sometimes if I know people with that name the pictures in my head get a little twisted!

To sum it up, I loved Fritha's Summer! I hope that you find my review useful, and I also hope that Fritha's Summer  will soon be at the top of every bookshelf. Meg (10)

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