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"I highly recommend Happy Fit Mums to Local Mums. Lauren's classes are the perfect balance between fun and hard work.  I always come away feeling like I have had a great all round workout and laughed too.  She offers high and low impact versions of each exercise so no matter where you are in your postnatal journey, she makes sure you are doing the correct ones.” 
Sally Baker, Local Mum

"I recommend Happy Fit Mums to Local Mums. Lauren's classes have been the activity I enjoyed the most each week during my maternity leave. I looked forward to seeing the friendly faces and chats but more importantly she encouraged and pushed me to get fit and healthy again after the birth of my son. But above all, my mental health and mood dramatically improved after each class especially after a difficult night of no sleep.” 
Kathryn Beasley, Local Mum

"I highly recommend Happy Fit Mums to Local Mums. My training sessions with Lauren are a perfect fit for me. After having my third baby I wanted to get back into shape and lose the additional weight. I could see great results very quickly, my weight has dropped and I feel stronger and healthier.”
Eva Mrazikova, Local Mum

"I highly recommend Happy Fit Mums to Local Mums. I love Lauren’s classes - well thought through exercises with a good variety which she tailors to individual needs and to top it all she makes it fun! I was nervous about going back to exercise classes after such a long time out but I didn’t need to be. Lauren puts you at ease straight away!”
Jenny, Local Mum

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Happy Fit Mums
Happy Fit Mums is dedicated to helping mums back to fitness whether newly postnatal or an experienced mum who wants to return to exercise in a safe and sociable environment. There are also classes available for those mums who are currently exercising but are looking to take their fitness to the next level and challenge themselves further. Classes include Buggyfit where mums can bring babies along to their workout and baby-free HIIT sessions (high and low impact classes available) plus a weekly Strength class. I also offer Personal Training for those who prefer a one-to-one approach, Personal Online Training sessions and private group sessions. 

Happy Fit Mums is currently following social distancing guidelines so attendees at all classes are spaced 2 metres apart. We use minimal or no equipment and attendees are encouraged to bring their own mats. Any equipment used will be cleaned before and after use. PT sessions also follow the 2 meter rule. 

Lauren Hyett
Happy Fit Mums
Tel: 07866757481
Happy Fit Mums


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